Our chef.....

Our Farmhouse Kitchen has opened under Chef, Ridz, and it is proving popular! Ridz began his culinary career in Singapore but since arriving on our shores in 2000 he's Australian pedigree includes Glebe's Le Petit Tarte, The Flying Fajita Sisters as well as The Henson Park Hotel in Marrickville and The Trinity in Surry Hills. Ridz is dedicated to using local seasonal products and he makes many things in-house, including everything from his own batter to sauces and pickles.

"I like simple, well-seasoned, well-cooked food," he says. "While there will be some seasonal menu changes and, from time to time, I will introduce some specialty dishes, my aim is to provide the sort of food that fits well with the local community, with friends and families. I love that at The Salisbury you're able to dine both indoors or outdoors in a relaxed atmosphere."

Our Two-4-One counter meals on Mondays are in full swing, you can now get a traditional Sunday Roast and, most importantly, there's now desserts available. Spring is here so swing by and say g'day to Ridz.