The Salisbury Community

You may have noticed that we are currently undergoing some renovations in the back area of the hotel. This shall all be unveiled come spring but in the meantime, we have some exciting community focused plans we'd like to get you involved in and let you know about.

Thank you so much for your patience and we are really looking forward to sharing our new space with you. It has been designed specifically with the community in mind so we can't wait to have you over for a meal and a drink.



Stanmore history, families & food

Being a single pub village, we endeavour to be a meeting place and home away from home for our locals. This being the case, we'd love for you to get involved and tell us your stories.

HISTORY - there's some things you just can't Google. We've been tirelessly trying to find history on both the hotel itself as well as The Hall out the back. The Hall (as we're calling it) has a beautiful, original, wooden cathedral ceiling but we don't know what it was. We've heard rumours of it being a church, a St Vincent de Paul Hall and even a library but can't confirm any of it. If you have any information, we'd be forever grateful for you to share it with us. Please email through to or drop by

FAMILIES - pubs have often been at the heart of communities. Places that families can gather together and enjoy a meal, some music and a drink. We endeavour to continue this tradition. We are working on some family orientated, share options on our menu and we're also looking at some fun activities for the kids. If you have any great photos of your family enjoying a celebrating meal together, please send them through. Also, if you have any historical photos (from any era) we'd love to see those too. Please email through to or drop by

FOOD - within every family, there's always a dish that is celebrated. Something that Christmas wouldn't be the same without. A dessert that you make for special occasions. Something simple that your Mum used to make but brings you such joy. On a monthly basis, we are looking at recreating these dishes. If you have a recipe that you'd be happy to have on offering at the hotel, then please send it through with a story of where it came from and why it means so much to you. Please email through to or drop by

Publican's Community Table

Are you looking to raise money for your local school, sports group, not-for-profit or charity? We have come up with an enjoyable way for you to raise $1000 and for us to give back to the community. Every Wednesday night, Trish (the publican) will host a group of ten people for a three course meal with matching wine or beer. How it works is that you will sell tickets for the dinner for $100 a seat. Those that purchased the tickets get to come in and enjoy themselves then, at the end of the night, we write out a cheque to your chosen community group for $1000. 

This will be commencing in September so, if you'd like to lock in a night at the Publicans Charitable Table, please email with your preferred date


Community Choir

There's only one thing greater than singing in a group and that is singing in a group in a room with a cathedral ceiling. On Tuesday nights (starting November) we will be holding the Salisbury Community Choir with the very talented Naomi Cooper. There's no age limit and no previous singing experience is required. To read further about the incredible Naomi, go to her website HERE . If you'd like to be involved and receive further information, please email


2048 Project

Do you have a creative, crafty community group that are looking for a place to meet? Whether it be a book club, toy making, mothers group or origami; we have a lot of space and are happy to share it with you

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